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BC Wildlife Federation

Closure of Lower Portion of Mamquam River

This notice is to let all anglers know that fishing will be closed to the lower portion of the Mamquam River in Squamish effective midnight on Friday, August 21, 2015.

Correction to Fraser River Closure: Fisheries Open at Daybreak today, August 19, 2015

The recent closure of all streams in Region 2 included an exclusion list that in error did not include the Sumas River between the mouth of the Vedder Canal and the fishing boundary signs at the confluence with the Fraser River.

This has now been corrected and the Sumas River downstream of the confluence with the Vedder Canal to the fishing boundary at the confluence with the Fraser River is open to fishing as of today at daybreak, August 19, 2015.

Fisheries Notice: Tidal and Non-Tidal Salmon Fishing on the Fraser River Closing

August 14th, 2015

All anglers please be advised of the following closures on the Fraser River:

Salmon fishing on the Tidal Fraser (including the "banana") closes at MIDNIGHT (11:59 PM), FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2015.

Salmon fishing on the Non-Tidal Fraser (above the Mission Bridge) closes ONE HOUR AFTER SUNSET, FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2015.
The closures are necessary as the summer run sockeye have not shown up in test fisheries  -  estimates for the summer run have been reduced from 4.7 million fish to 1 million fish.
Visit the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website as more information becomes available.

Fishery Notice: Harvest Shellfish Safely - Reminder to Shellfish Harvesters - Risk of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus (Vp) gastrointestinal sickness

Fisheries and Oceans Canada reminds shellfish harvesters in British Columbia to check whether fishing areas are open and shellfish are safe to consume before harvesting them and to take extra precautions during warm weather.
For more information, visit the BCWF Tidal Waters Fisheries Committee page.

News Release: BC Wildlife Federation and Wild Sheep Society of BC Announce Partnership Agreement


The BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) and Wild Sheep Society of BC (WSSBC) are pleased to announce establishment of a formal working partnership agreement to support conservation of wild sheep in BC.

Under the terms of the new partnership, BCWF and WSSBC will work together in a number of ways, including the development of programs and initiatives that work to support wild sheep in BC and promoting the critical importance of conserving their populations. In addition, BCWF and WSSBC will join together in meetings with government and other non-profit organizations and stakeholders concerning issues critical to sustaining wild sheep in BC.

To read the full text of the news release, click here.

News Release: BC Wildlife Federation Announces Resident Priority Program


SURREY, BC - In response to mounting concerns over British Columbians’ access to angling, hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities, the BC Wildlife Federation Board of Directors has established a Resident Priority Program.

“BCWF members and the general public are finding private gates on public roads, and experiencing reduced access to public resources, including fish and wildlife. These reductions are a result of government allocating public resources to private interests at the expense of British Columbians,” said George Wilson, President of the BC Wildlife Federation.

The aim of the program is to ensure natural resources such as fish, wildlife, water, and crown land are managed in the public interest and maintain public access, except where there are public safety and/or environmental concerns.

To read the full text of the news release, click here.

BCWF Submits Written Evidence to National Energy Board (NEB) Regarding Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

The BC Wildlife Federation holds intervenor status in the National Energy Board's review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, and submitted written evidence to the process at the end of May 2015.

To download BCWF's written evidence submission in its entirety, click on the following link:

BCWF Submission to NEB Review of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project [PDF]

BCWF Statement on Video of Boaters Harassing Moose in Northern BC
A disturbing video was recently posted online showing an individual harassing a moose in northern BC by jumping on its back as it navigated a body of water.
The BC Wildlife Federation condemns this type of unacceptable behaviour in the strongest terms possible. In addition to being very disrespectful to the animal, the actions of the individuals depicted in the video constitute an offence under the Wildlife Act. BCWF is in full support of the ongoing investigation by the BC Conservation Officer Service to identify and charge the perpetrators.
Harassing wildlife in this manner could have resulted in the death of the moose either directly as a result of extreme stress, or indirectly through making the animal more vulnerable to predation. The actions taken by the individuals in the video were also extremely dangerous to themselves personally and could easily have ended in tragedy.
As BC’s oldest and largest conservation organization, BCWF has the utmost respect and reverence for our province’s wildlife. The behaviour displayed by the individuals in the video does not at all represent BCWF’s 46,000 members, who are passionately committed to conserving and enhancing BC’s fish, wildlife, and habitat. We look forward to a positive outcome to the BC Conservation Officer Service investigation and hope that those responsible for this act are brought to justice,” said BCWF President George Wilson.
Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to call the BC Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

Province of BC Extends ORV Registration Deadline to November 1st, 2015
The deadline for BC residents to register their ORV (Outdoor Recreational Vehicle) has been extended to November 1st, 2015, giving ORV owners an additional five months to complete the required process.
The Province of BC issued a news release announcing the extension.
ORV Registration - Questions and Answers [PDF - Updated May 20th, 2015]
For more information on registering your ORV, visit the BCWF Access Committee page.

Study Your Hunter Education Safety Course Online

BCWF is excited to announce that new and prospective hunters in BC can now study for their CORE exam online via the new Online Hunter Education Course offered in partnership with HUNTERcourse.com!

Students are able to learn everything they need to know to complete their CORE exam online through a series of modules featuring custom narration, animations, and interactive learning.

For more information on BC's new Online Hunter Education Course, click here.

For a free study guide and demo of the new application and to see what it is all about, click here.

The BC Wildlife Federation is British Columbia's largest and oldest conservation organization. Our 46,000 members are passionately committed to protecting, enhancing and promoting the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. Our volunteers and donors give generously of their time and finances to support to a wide range of wildlife conservation programs and projects. 

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