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Petition: Wildlife Allocation in B.C.

Wildlife Allocation in B.C.

The Province of B.C. announced a new Wildlife Allocation Policy for B.C. that will have significant negative impacts on resident hunters in favour of our province's guide-outfitting industry.

More information on this critical issue to hunters in B.C. is available on the Wildlife Allocation page

Wildlife Allocation Policy Petition - CLICK HERE TO SIGN!

BCWF has started a petition to urge the Government of B.C. to rescind their recent decision on Wildlife Allocation, which will result in lost hunting opportunities for our province's resident hunters. (For more information, click here to visit the Wildlife Allocation page.)

The petition calls on the Government of B.C. to overturn the decision to change the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy which gives a larger share of hunting permits to BC guide outfitters and a smaller share of hunting permits to BC resident hunters.

The petition is available at the following link: Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy Petition, and will be submitted to the B.C. Legislature.

Please note: Your personal information will become part of a public document submitted to the provincial government. Read our full privacy policy.

For more information on B.C.'s new Wildlife Allocation Policy and how it will impact B.C.'s resident hunters, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions: Registering Your Outdoor Recreational Vehicle (ORV)

Please see below for answers on some of the most common questions BCWF Members have had about our province's new ORV regulations and the process of registering a vehicle with ICBC. It is important for everyone going through the registration process to be clear on what is and is not required as part of the new policy.

Links to additional information and resources have also been provided below.

Q:     I understand I am legally required to register my ORV - is this a one-time process?

A:      Yes.

ORV owners are only required by law to register their vehicle once. The registration process can be completed at any ICBC dealer, and consists of a $48 fee that includes a plate for the vehicle. Please note that issuing a plate does not mean that insurance is required for the ORV (see next question). ORVs operated solely on private property are not required to be registered.

Q:     Am I required to purchase yearly ICBC insurance for my ORV?

A:     No, as long as you are not accessing public roads. Please note that you are still required to have third-party liability insurance.

Annual vehicle licenses and insurance, which fall under the Motor Vehicle Act and are unchanged with the new ORV regulations, are only required for ORV riders who choose to access designated public roads / highway crossings or portions of the right-of-way. A yearly vehicle license is NOT required to operate an ORV on Forest Service Roads, which are not considered public roads.


Q:     Have any of the vehicle insurance or third-party liability insurance requirements changed under the new regulations?

A:     No.

The insurance requirements for operation of an ORV in B.C. have not changed with the new regulations. Third-party liability insurance is required for travel on Forest Service Roads, and is recommended for those operating an ATV on Crown land (your BCWF Membership includes this type of insurance coverage while you are engaged in hunting and fishing activities).


Q:     Am I required to pay Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on my ORV if I have not done so already?

A:     If you purchased your ORV on or after July 1, 2010 and did not pay tax, the answer is yes.

If you purchased the ORV in B.C., brought it into B.C., or received an ORV as a gift, on or after July 1, 2010 and did not pay tax, you will be required to pay the applicable sales tax at the time of registration, unless a specific exemption applies. If the ORV was purchased prior to July 1, 2010, the ORV can be registered under the ORV Act without sales tax documentation.

The Province of B.C. recently distributed a “Provincial Sales Tax Notice” that includes all of the guidelines and details for paying the tax – the document is available by clicking here.


Q:     What documentation will I need to provide when registering my ORV?

A:     In order to register your ORV, you will need to prove ownership of the vehicle. At least one of the following documents will need to be provided to ICBC at the time of registration:

  • A New Vehicle Information Statement or a Certificate of Origin if purchased new, but never registered previously;
  • A Bill of Sale;
  • A Transfer Tax Form (APV9T) signed by seller – Transfer Tax forms are widely available from any Autoplan broker;
  • A completed B. C. Consumer Taxation Branch Gift of Vehicle Form (FIN 319);
  • For ORV’s imported into B.C. from another Canadian jurisdiction, the previous registration documents;
  • For ORVs imported from the U.S., a Title Certificate; Form 1 or B15 Accounting Document; OR
  • In the absence of the above, a sworn statutory declaration (MV1484 - available here) will be required with information about how the person came into possession of the off road vehicle and attempts to get the one or more of the other documentation.

Information and Resources

The following resources will provide detailed information on the new ORV registration process and regulations:

ICBC - Offroad Vehicle Registration: This document from ICBC contains detailed information on the registration process.

ORV Registration and Licensing Requirements: This document features a chart that illustrates the registration and insurance requirements for ORVs under the new Offroad Vehicle Act.

Provincial Sales Tax - Notice to Offroad Vehicle Owners - A notice from the Province of B.C. regarding how the Provincial Sales Tax Act applies to the new regulations.

ORV Ownership Declaration - The declaration form for ORV owners that are not able to obtain the necessary documents to prove ownership of their vehicle. Please note that the form must by notarized by a Notary Public, which usually costs between $20 and $30.



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