Wildlife/Domestic/Disease/Human Conflicts

Wildlife-Domestic-Disease-Human Conflicts Committe Chair:

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Big Horn Sheep Die-Offs in British Columbia:Big Horn Sheep Die-Offs in British Columbia:

The Need for a Provincial Wild / Domestic Sheep Separation Strategy

The Environmental Law Centre (University of Victoria) recently completed a study on the issue of the spread of fatal diseases from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep and the legal changes and management practices that are needed to address the problem. The report contains a number of findings and recommendations, and was prepared by Law Student Harrison Porter under supervision from Environmental Law Centre Legal Director Calvin Sandborn.

From the report's Introduction:

"Perhaps the most critical threat to British Columbia’s iconic bighorn sheep population is the threat of disease from domestic animals. This report recommends legal changes to ensure best management practices are implemented to prevent the spread of fatal diseases from domestic livestock to wild bighorn sheep, thinhorn sheep and mountain goats. The disease of primary concern is the transfer of pneumonia-causing bacteria from domestic sheep to wild bighorn sheep."

Download a copy of the report (31 Pages) here

April 10, 2013

Letter to BCWF President Bill Bosch from Minister Steve Thomson RE: Harvest Allocation Policy

Articles and Advisories

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BC Agriculture Wildlife Advisory Committee 
BC Mgmt Plan Draft august 2006 
Minutes of the BC CWD Technical Meeting 

Public Elk, Private Profit: The Perils of Selling Wildlife by Valerius Geist 
Terms of Reference for the Provincial Agriculture Zone Wildlife Program's Technical Working Group 2008 

A Review of Disease Related Conflicts Between Domestic Sheep, Goats and Bighorn Sheep

Major bighorn sheep die-offs have been reported from the mid-1800s to present and have been known to occur in every western state Martin. Research shows that contact between bighorn and domestic sheep can lead to respiratory disease and fatal pneumonia in bighorns. Therefore, the role that domestic sheep play in causing pneumonia in bighorn sheep is an important issue in multiple-use management.

2008 CWD Report, Government of Saskatchewan 

Chronic Waste Disease Plan

Chronic Wasting Disease - Positive Farmed and Wild Cervids 

Tuberculosis in British Columbia's Wildlife - 11/28/2008 
To our knowledge, bovine TB has never been diagnosed in BC wildlife, however, a number of wildlife species are potentially susceptible. This is a serious disease that has significant effects on agricultural economies, wildlife management and the potential to affect human health.

Policy Statements

BCWF Game Farming Policy 
It is the policy of the B.C.W.F. to oppose game farming/ranching of wild ungulates, particularly indigenous species.

BCWF Wildlife Conflicts Policy - 11/23/2007 
The B.C.W.F. recognizes there are conflicts between wildlife and humans in almost every aspect of human endeavour. The Federation also recognizes that for the most part, these conflicts are the result of human activity and at best can only be minimized and never eliminated as long as wildlife and humans coexist.

Committee Reports:

2016 Q3 Wildlife/Domestic/Disease/Human Conflict Report

2015 Wildlife Conflicts and Game Farming Committee Year End Report

2009 Wildlife Conflicts Report to Members 

2008 Wildlife Conflicts Report to Members