Core Examiners

Click here to download the current CORE Examiner List

The CORE Graduate Certificate is required in order to apply for the BC Resident Hunter Number Card. The CORE Graduate Certificate is obtained by completing the CORE Program. The CORE Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.

CORE Examiners operate on their own schedules and are appointed under the Hunter Safety Training Regulation. The CORE Examiners provide the written exam and practical firearm-handling exam. Click
here for a list of examiners. The asterisks * beside the Examiners name indicates that this individual also teaches the Canadian Firearm Safety Course. That program is used to obtain a Federal Firearms Licence.

Potential CORE students should contact the CORE Examiners on this list to obtain a mutually agreeable arrangement for testing or to inquire about the availability of optional instruction in CORE subject material. Please contact the examiner prior to 9:00 PM.


  1. There is a $30.00 fee payable to the examiner for each of the two required tests (written and practical) or Examination retakes.
  2. On successful completion of the two tests, an administration fee of $30.00 must be provided to the BCWF. The CORE student will forward this fee to the BCWF. A graduation certificate will be mailed to the student. If the administrative fee is paid by cheque please make it payable to the BC Wildlife Federation.
  3. The instructor sets fees for the instruction of CORE. Students should ask what the instruction fees cover.


A brochure is available outlining the CORE Program. Contact Service B.C., the Conservation Officer Service, or the BC Wildlife Federation office for a copy.


CORE Manual

The CORE exams are based upon material from the CORE Manual and the Hunting and Trapping Regulation Synopsis. CORE Manuals maybe available at local sporting good stores, rod and gun clubs, CORE Examiners, libraries, etc.

For more information about Canadian Firearms Licencing (PAL), contact 1-800-731-4000.