BCWF Affinity Partners

Many businesses offer BCWF members exclusive  price discounts or incentives. Some also donate part of the purchase price to support BCWF Conservation programs. Following is a list of our current Affinity Partners. Click on the business name for further information.

Allegra South Burnaby

Altar Metal Fab Co.

BCWF Mastercard

Pleasure Craft Operator Card


Budget Car Rental

Capri Insurance

Coast Hotels

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Boating License
Hub Sports

Husky Mohawk

Italian Sporting Goods

Kootenay Wild

Lodestar Outfitters

Mark's Work Wearhouse

Moon Shine Camo™

North Arm Knives

Quadbar Industries

Sandman Hotels

Scorpion Optics

Silvercore Advanced 
Training Systems

Big Reds Firearms

Skeena Meadows Wildlife Preserve






Accent Inns

High Velocity Media

Outdoor Specialty Publications






Are you interested in becoming an Affinity Partner?

BCWF's Affinity Partnership Program allows companies to offer exclusive benefits to our more than 40,000 members in exchange for some excellent corporate promotional opportunities.