2017 Artist of the Year

Thank you for voting for the 2017 BCWF Artist of the Year competition!
This year's winner is Canadian Artist Denis Mayer Jr.
Canadian artist Denis Mayer Jr. has earned international acclaim for his unique style of wildlife painting that offers not only remarkably realistic representations but also images infused with energy, vitality and warmth.
A native of Quebec City, Denis knew from childhood that he would be an artist. He initially worked with his father, a commercial sign painter.  This training served as af oudnation as he privately explored drawing in charcoal, bringing his talent for capturing detail to depictions of both still lifes and built structures. He then worked for many years creating accurate and appealing architectural renderings as well as commercial illustrations for advertising.
A dedicated conservationist and member of the international organization, Artists for Conservation, Denis has contributed to fundraising for organizations that include World Wildlife Federation Canada, Quebec Wildlife Federation, and the Art of Nature.  His work was selected for the Art Portfolio through Ducks Unlimited in 2007-2013.  Artist of the year 2011 by BC Wildlife Federation.  Artist of the year 2012 by Ducks Unlimited.
Denis lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife and three children and loves to walk the area's woodland trails with this kids. A favourite pastime for Denis is singing classical music for various events.