Outdoor Passport


BCWF has established a program to help BCWF members acquire permission to access and hunt on private lands. The Outdoor Passport Program provides an orientation on private land access obligations and requires participants to agree to the terms and conditions of the program. 

Access to private land or across private lands to crown land has been a longstanding issue with individuals and land owners. Availability to private lands varies around the province depending on the land owners risk evaluation and how they manage the determined risk. At this point there is very limited public access to private lands.

The Outdoor Passport program provides a process to assist passport holders to acquire permission to access private lands that promotes a high level of voluntary self compliance. The process also addresses landowners concerns and risk management issues.

Everyone may access the course, but only BCWF members are permitted to take the exam at the completion of the course and qualify for a BCWF Outdoor Passport.

There is a $30 (plus applicable taxes*) sitting fee for the BCWF Passport Exam and first annual subscription. This exam fee is valid for one month from the time of payment. This fee covers the cost of two attempts at the exam and the first year BCWF Outdoor Passport subscription. If you are not successful within those two attempts, you will be subject to a rewrite fee of $10.00 (plus applicable taxes*) for two additional attempts. *This service is subject to a 12% GST & PST charge. The base cost of the service is $30.00 and the applicable GST & PST is $3.60. The overall cost for this service is $33.60.

Annual renewal fees of $15.00 (plus applicable taxes*) apply if renewed before expiration date. Otherwise the new exam and subscription fee will apply.

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