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BCWF's Wetlandkeepers Courses are 2.5 day workshops that educate participants about wetland conservation! Upon a community request, BCWF brings the Wetlandkeepers Course into an area to teach wetland mapping, plant and animal identification, soil sampling, and other wetland classificataion and stewardship skills. Each workshop's contents vary to suit the community's unique wetland needs. This course is a mix of hands-on field work and presentations that provides participants with technical skills to steward their own wetland. Upon completion of the workshop participants are provided with a Wetlandkeeper certificate and with follow up support by the Wetlands Coordinator. For a sample schedule of activities conducted during a Welandkeepers Course, please click here!

Wetlandkeepers_HandbookThe Wetlandkeepers Handbook provides supplementary information on wetland ecology and laws related to wetlands, as well as a step-by-step instruction on wetland activities.  In this first edition the focus is on getting to know your wetlland.

Due to changes in legislation and governing bodies over the years, the Wetlandkeepers handbook contains sections that are out of date. Consequently, we no longer sell hard copies and do not use it as the basis of our workshops. However it still contains some great information and you can still download a free electronic copy here.  






2017 Wetlandkeepers Courses
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2016 Wetlandkeepers Courses
Parksville - April 22-24, 2016
Golden - May 13-15, 2016

2015 Wetlandkeepers Courses
Kelowna - May 1-3, 2015
Windermere - May 22-24, 2015
Quesnel - June 5-7, 2015
Smithers - June 12-14, 2015
Prince Rupert - July 17-19, 2015

2014 Wetlandkeepers Courses
Cumberland - April 11-13, 2014
Rossland  - May 23-25, 2014
Duncan - June 20-22, 2014
Prince George - June 20-22, 2014
Kimberly - July 25-27, 2014
Terrace - September 2-4, 2014
Campbell River - October 17-19, 2014

2013 Wetlandkeepers Courses
Chase  - May 10-12, 2013
New Denver  - June 7-9, 2013
Grand Forks  - June 14-16, 2013

2012 Wetlandkeepers Courses
Mission - April 13-15, 2012
Courtenay  - April 20-22, 2012
Cortes Island - April 27-29, 2012
Castlegar - June 1-3, 2012
White Lake - September 21-23, 2012 

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In the News

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Final Reports
 Larson Creek - Horseshoe Bay WetlandKeepers 2009

 Lost Lake - Whistler Wetlandkeepers 2009    

 Glenmore Highlands - Kelowna Wetlandkeepers 2003

 Green Timbers Urban Forest - Surrey Wetlandkeepers 2003


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